Gospel Concert at St. Matthew’s Church

St. Matthew's Anglican Church in Bay Roberts
St. Matthew’s Anglican Church in Bay Roberts

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

A GOSPEL CONCERT  in aid of The Guatemala Mission Team Mission Trip 2011

2 pm at St. Matthew’s Church, Bay Roberts.
Everyone welcome, no admission – free
Offering gratefully accepted.
Ascension Window
The Ascension


Rafael and Claudia Araneda

Many of you may have heard that our Directors of the Guatemala Mission were killed Thursday night in a plane crash leaving Guatemala.   I am forwarding a message from Steve from Guatemala.  Claudia and Rapheal left behind five children from age 14-21.  Your prayers are indeed appreciated for the children and the Mission

The message along with a video of them with their children which is posted on the mission website.

Thursday May 14, 2009.

It is with deep regret that we have to report that Rafael and Claudia Araneda were killed in a light aircraft crash in Guatemala. Please pray for their family and for their ministry.

A message from Steve Tharakan of the Mission.

Sent: Saturday, May 16, 2009 10:47 PM
Subject: Your Prayers Are Appreciated

Dear Friends,

Thank-you for your kind words of comfort and encouragement as we mourn the tragic loss of Rafael and Claudia.

The funeral this morning was beautiful and was a fitting tribute to two amazing people who dedicated their lives for God’s work. Pastor Michael Watkins of Iglesia Del Camino in Antigua gave some inspiring words and encouragement (some of you may remember him from the church you attended while in Guatemala). The children also sang an inspirational hymn that they used to sing all the time as a family.  Claudia’s mom and some of the children reminded us not to focus on the tragedy but instead see Rafael and Claudia’s lives as a model and we should have a smile on our face because we know that they are rejoicing with the Lord right now. As the coffins were lowered into the ground, Claudia’s mom lead the gathered crowd in singing a hymn and receited Psalm 23. It was a very moving event and it was evident that God’s presence was there.

Pastor Sam Martin will be flying to Guatemala tonight to be a support for the mission during this difficult time and lead a memorial service for the Araneda family and our staff, which will be held at the school. Then for the next few days we will be making critical decisions on how to move the mission forward. We ask that you keep us in your prayers through this time.

Rafael and Claudia are irreplacable and their serving passion that has built this mission for the past 9 years will be sorely missed. However, through God’s wisdom and your prayer support, we can ensure that their legacy of serving the spiritual, educational, physical and emotional needs of the children of Guatemala will continue.


Steve & Sandra

Trip to Guatemala – 2009

The team returned just before Easter after another safe and successful trip to Guatemala.  Sandra Roach, one of the team members, provided these photos with captions.

Kids Dance in Typical Guatemalan Dress

Kids Dance in Typical Guatemalan Dress

Typical Back Strap Weaving

Typical Back Strap Weaving

March 31, 2009

Today was an extraordinary day of accomplishments.
We built 4 more houses to add to the 2 yesterday and painted all 6 houses,  I painted all day and was wearing almost as much paint as I put on the houses.  I painted Adele House first,  The family was very helpful.  The father helped with the painting and the mother washed our bushes in her outside sink.  No running water but she gladly shared the water from her buckets,  She was busily scrubbing in her outdoor sink when she wasn’t helping us.  We finished our house quickly and went to help finish Crosbie house.
Back to the school for lunch where I caught another glimpse of Eveyln [Pam’s sponsored child] playing in the outdoor.gym.  After lunch we painted Coldstream house.  There was very little space and we could only paint 2 walls.  The children were anxious to help and we finished quickly and went to help at Topsail United Church House.  We helped complete that one.  The mother was beeming with pride over her new home.  These 12×16 concrete houses are by far the best homes in their neighbourhoods.  It’s amazing!
Next we were off to the last two houses built today.  First we went to Margaret house.  It was on sort of on a hill.  We took up the challenge to get that one painted too!  We were all going at it and Harvey began to show the teenage son how to paint.  At first he had no idea but he caught on quickly.
The Team is amazed at how the people catch on so quickly. He showed his mother what he had done and she held the can while he finished the bottom half of a wall.  He was so proud.  They are so willing to work and are hard workers but have not had the training to acquire these skills.  Once shown they can do anything thing we have shown them.
Finally, we went to Parish of Bay Roberts/ Coley’s Point House.  Oh my! Poverty at its worst.  Right in the center of town, the gates open to the street and inside all down the hill are row houses.  Cornstalk condos!!!  Nothing in them.  Some with no roof!  Amid the poverty – smiles and friendliness.  The family has 6 children and one about 12 was a delight.  She was as bright as a button and pretty as a picture,  She knew some English words and sang me a song Barbara had taught her.  It was heartbreaking.
You have to see how they live to believe it!!  How they make the best of what they have is truly a wonder.  Most of them grow flowers or have them cut and put around their house.  As always it amazes me how they keep the children clean.  They clean and wash continuously.  We have 2 more houses to build later in the week.  Tomorrow we work at the school.  Another adventure!
God Bless

Email from Pam.

Sorry I haven’t been able to write but hero Steve had to set me up on gmail since none of my emails would work here.
[Note: Pam is describing visiting children that various people are sponsoring. They can see first hand how much the children need help. ]
This Mission is another amazing experience.  Today was very emotional.  Steve took my sister Joan and Dorothy and her sister to visit homes we had sponsored or built.  Dorothy and Sarah’s house was in the most extreme poverty that we have ever witnessed.  There is no street there so we had to leave the van and walk. The huts are stuck on the side of a hill and are completely scrap.  You can’t imagine.  I will send pics tomorrow.
We went to Vilma’s and Evelyn’s for me and Joan.  They are doing quite well in their new homes.  Then we went to Paul’s and she was so desperate!!  The house is of cornstalks and not a thing in it only 2 beds.  Outside a plastic outhouse covering a hole in the ground.  She was overjoyed to see me.  She was proud to show me her new baby boy.  Brandon and Brian her two sons are adorable.  She used to live adjoined to her inlaws but the other house is gone and all that is left is the little part made of cornstalks.  I was really shaken.
We have had an extraordinary Mission.  We have completed 8 houses in 3 days!! We are doing the mural tonight.  We have had so many great experiences at school. Must go.
Love to all.

Easter Brunch at Inn By The Bay, Dildo

On Easter Saturday, the  Easter Brunch was held in the Sea Level Dining Room at Inn By The Bay B&B in Dildo, Trinity Bay.  $1000.00 was raised to assist the mission in Guatemala.
Easter Saturday Brunch.

Sea Level Dining Room

Sea Level Dining Room

An Easter Brunch

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

8:00am to 2:00pm

Tickets: $14.95 per person

100% of all funds raised go directly to Guatemala Mission.
For Tickets call:  582-3170

Team Leaving in a Few Days.

The long wait is almost over. The team will be leaving for Guatemala in just a few days. The team members will be: Pam Norman, Rick Olsen, Harvey and Betty Reid, Harold and Barbara Crosbie, Courtney Mercer, David Mercer , Joan Kohler (Pam’s sister), Sandra Roach, Gloria Wendover , Sarah Budgell, Roy Jones, Dorothy Westaway , and Rev. Peter Wendover.

Help for a Little Boy

New Glasses!!

New Glasses!!

One of the sponsored children has a problem with his eyesight.  With the help of one of our sponsors,  he had his eyes examined and was fitted with new glasses.  Now he can participate much better in school activities.

Children in School

Children in School